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Rand al'Thor
Rand al'Thor

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PostSubject: Rank's   Rank's Icon_minitimeTue Nov 06, 2007 10:00 pm

In the black tower there are three rank's.They were made by the model of the White Tower and their ranking.The ranks are: 1.Soldiers
3.and Asha'man

Soldiers are rookies men that just got to the tower.From the start you will be trained to be weapon's to serve the Dragon Reborn.Your training will be harsh and ruthless.Your training wont just be in the power you will also learn to use swords.You become Dedicated when you come to an level of training.Dedicated are deadly and ruthless.Asha'man are the ultimate fighters that can kill hundreds of soldiers and can be stopped only from a distance or by the power.I strongly advise you to think before you enlist in the Black Tower
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