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PostSubject: Bleach   Wed Oct 24, 2007 10:49 pm

The story takes place in Tokyo, and talks about a 15 years old boy by the name "Ichigo Kurosaki". There is something particular about Ichigo, and that's the fact that he can see ghosts! One night when he came home from a night out, he found his family in desperate need of his help, they were being attacked by a monster know as a "Hallow", which is a human soul who didn't go to Heaven or Hell. While trying to save his family he encounters a young girl with a katana who answers to the name of "Rukia Kuchiki" and is a shinigami, an angel of death. She, like many others came to the human world to destroy hallows and allow human souls to reach the Soul Society, also known as Heaven. Although it is impossible for a human to see shinigamis or hallows our young hero seems to be very much capable of doing so. Furious by the attack on his family Ichigo rushed towards the hallow in an attempt to kill it, but before he could react the hallow counter attacked him with its mighty teeth. As Ichigo stared blankly into what he thought was going to be his death, Rukia interfered and threw herself in front of him making the hallow attack her instead of him. She had sacrificed herself for him, and now lay half eaten by the hallow. Though with the last of her powers Rukia tell's Ichigo that there is only one way to save himself and his family. Astonished Ichigo accepts any conditions, and with that Rukia took her sword and pierced the heart of Ichigo to transfers her powers to him and allow him to become a shinigami! Ichigoto knows he has no time to hesitate, and so a second later the arm of the hallow is cut and soon after that the rest of it was completely destroyed. Now Ichigo standing stronger then ever with his new shinigami outfit and monstrous sword, is happy that he has saved his family and the life of Rukia, but he is unaware that this isn't going to be the last time he will have to do so, and so the story of Bleach begins.

Awesome anime, I just watched ep. 67
My fave characters are Tatsuki, Kuukaku and Yourichi Very Happy

What about you, do you watch Bleach? Smile


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