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Shaido Clan Chief
Shaido Clan Chief

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PostSubject: Shaido   Thu Oct 18, 2007 10:16 pm


At least one of the twelve clans, the Shaido (pronounced shah-EE-doh), has splintered off from the Aiel proper; its now-deceased leader, Couladin, claimed to be the real Car'a'carn and led the Shaido across the Dragonwall into Cairhien. His claim was bolstered by markings on his arms identical to those Rand received in Rhuidean, placed there by Asmodean in an attempt to derail Rand's plans. After Couladin's defeat at the capital city of Cairhien, the Shaido were led by Sevanna, the wife of the former Shaido clan chief. Under her leadership the Shaido wreaked havoc throughout the wetlands. Eventually their main force was defeated, Sevanna was captured, and what was left of the Shaido went back to the Waste in disgrace.

taken from wikipedia
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